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Codename: Victory - 16b/?

Title: Codename: Victory
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Characters: Ianto, Jack, Rhiannon, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, Rhys, Martha, The Doctor (10th), Others
Spoilers: Starts beginning of TW season 1 and DW season 3
Summary: Ianto Jones has been searching for information about who he is his entire life. Canary Wharf gave him some answers and a whole new set of questions.
Disclaimer: BBC drew them, I just like to color outside their lines.
A/N: Many thanks to the fabulous sparking_off for beta-ing. Any mistakes left are all mine.
The rating will change in the next chapter, but anything NSFW will be marked and posted as a stand alone chapter so that you can read as you will.

As always, comments and reviews are greatly appreciated.

Part 16b

The moon shone high and the night was clear as the evening of the gathering arrived. Torchwood Three, Martha, and the Doctor had arrived outside what looked like a rundown estate, wondering if they had the right address.

“Doesn’t look like much,” said Owen, glancing up at the dilapidated roof and the tilting north tower.

The Doctor held out his sonic screwdriver and scanned the door in front of him. “Perception filter over the whole place,” he said, putting it back in his pocket. “Hiding in plain sight, bet you it’s bigger on the inside too,” he added, winking at Martha.

The main door opened and they were escorted inside and into what appeared to be a ballroom. The Doctor had been right. The entire building was immaculate and none of the shoddiness outside could be seen once inside the walls. As they looked around the room, Jack was suddenly glad that Ianto had asked him to wear his dress uniform for the occasion. Human and Aderyn men and women milled about, dressed as if they were at a charity gala or an awards banquet. He scanned the room for any sign of Ianto, disappointed to find that he wasn’t there.

“He’ll be coming in with Rhys,” said Tosh from beside him. “As the only time based affinity wielder, he’s a participant in the ceremony, so you probably won’t see him until after.” Jack looked disappointed and Tosh squeezed his hand in reassurance.

A red carpet ran from the doors at the end of the ballroom, to a small dais on the other side, and a band was ensconced on a balcony above the dais. Two guardians stood at either end of the carpet, keeping watch over the proceedings. Jack noticed that they, and several other Aderyn were wearing sleeveless, high collared, thigh-length jackets in a variety of colours. Pointing them out to the Doctor, the Time Lord explained that the jacket designated them as guardians and that generally the colour worn depended on the wearer’s affinity.

A fanfare sounded, and the guests gathered alongside the carpet. The door opened, revealing an elderly looking man, with buttery brown wings. A simple crown made of golden vines and five gemstones rested upon his snow white hair.

“Lord Gryffud,” the Doctor whispered as he passed them and made his way across the room to stand at the center of the dais. Surveying the crowd, he smiled with Rhys’ easy grin.

“Welcome,” he said, his voice strong and rich, belying his years. “It pleases me greatly to see all of you here. It has been a long journey for our people to reach this day. As we stand on the edge of another struggle, I am humbled to see that the next generation has risen so quickly to defend our people and our adopted planet. Please join me in welcoming the bloodline guardians that have chosen to lead our people and protect our world.”

The door opened to reveal Denjiro adorned in the ceremonial robes of an edo period daimyo; samurai sword visible at his waist. Walking to the dais, he bowed briefly to Lord Gryffud before standing off to the side behind him.

A woman with sun-kissed skin and jet-black hair was next to approach. Wine red wings offset her black jacket. The hilt of a short sword was visible in the sheath that ran length of each of her knee-high boots. She bowed briefly as Den had done, and then went to stand beside him.

Rhia made her way forward next, escorted on Ianto’s arm. Her deep blue jacket covered a black floor-length dress and she held a silver staff. She wasn’t who Jack was looking at though; as soon as he had seen Ianto, he was transfixed by how different he looked.

His red jacket was trimmed in swirling circles of gold, and the black leather pants and boots he wore beneath it, a far cry from his conservative suits. A sword hung at his side, and his hair was slightly longer; seeming to curl just over the top of his ears. The gold bands that encircled his biceps showed off his arm muscles, and Jack heard the Doctor gasp as he walked past them. Jack waited for an explanation, but instead he waved him off, muttering something about impossibilities, Time Lords, and sneaky scientists. Seeing that an answer would have to wait, Jack looked back to see them taking their places on the other side of Den.

The fanfare sounded again, and Rhys came striding towards them, dressed similar to Ianto, only in forest green rather then red. Reaching the dais, he knelt on one knee before his father, waiting for him to speak.

"Fellow Aderyn, the time has come to pass on the mantle of Brenin,” said Lord Gryffud. "Over the last two centuries, Rhys has proven time and again that he is more then worthy of this task, and I am honored to pass the earth affinity stone to his care."

Reaching behind his head, he took the stone from his neck and placed it gently over Rhys'. Once this was done, he took the crown from his brow. Turning to the guardians behind him, he spoke again.

"Representatives of the bloodlines, do you acknowledge Rhys as Brenin, and agree to follow him as Lord of our people?" he asked, holding the crown out to them.

As the crowd watched, they each in turn held up their hand and shot a small burst of light towards the gemstone on the crown corresponding with their affinity and stated, 'I will.'

By the time Lord Gryffud had turned back to his son, all of the gems on the crown were sparkling with light from the promises therein. Only Earth remained.

"As the representative of the Earth bloodline, I acknowledge you, and pledge that we will follow and trust in your guidance, as you lead us into the future," he said, causing the final gemstone to alight before placing the crown on Rhys’ head.

As he did so, all of the gems on the crown pulsed as one, and Rhys rose to stand beside his father.
"May I present to you Lord Rhys, Brenin, and leader of the Aderyn Race," Gryffud announced with pride. He bowed to his son and stepped down from the dais to join the elders below.

The audience clapped and cheered, and a final fanfare sounded in celebration. Rhys shook hands with each of his friends on the dais before addressing the assembly before him.

"My people, I-" he began, only to be interrupted as a flash of light flooded the space in front of him. All of the guardians immediately moved to line the carpet; weapons out and at the ready. Jack looked to Rhys, noticing that Ianto and Den had taken up positions on either side of him, with Rhiannon and the other woman beside them to close ranks; keeping their new leader safe.

The light faded, revealing John Hart and a blonde woman dressed in a red skirt suit. Knowing that anything involving Hart, meant the Master wasn’t far behind, Jack made his way closer to where they stood, slipping his Webley from it’s holster.

The woman stepped forward and the room stilled as she spoke. "I bring you greetings and a message, Lord Rhys, from the Master, Harold Saxon," she said, staring up at him.

Rhys, didn't flinch, only narrowed his eyes and glared at her. "And who are you to disrupt this gathering?" he asked her, demanding an answer.

Laughing, she held out her hand and a fire ball ignited inside of it. As he watched, red tipped wings of black appeared on her back and her eyes took on a red hue. The crowd gasped, realizing that this woman was one of their own. Enjoying their reaction, she smiled in satisfaction before speaking again.

"My name is Lucy Saxon, or as my cousin Aleta will tell you, it used to be Lucy Cole," she said, looking pointedly at the woman standing next to Denjiro.

Aleta stepped forward. "Where is your father?” she demanded. “As protector of the fire affinity stone, it was assumed that Lord Cole would be in attendance this evening. You should be in the care of healer Tanis. Where is he and why are you here?"

Lucy giggled. "Daddy couldn't make it. Harry thought he had too many ideas and needed to be taught a lesson." She played with the ball of fire in her hands, bouncing it back and forth as she spoke. "He taught him too well and Daddy died. Then Tanis went away and Harry gave the stone to me."

Aleta paled and tried to reason with her. "Lucy, you know the rules. If your father has passed, the stone goes to the next in line,” she gestured to herself. “It was never yours."

"The stone is mine, you don't deserve it," Lucy snarled. The ball of fire grew larger in her hands and flames burned in her eyes. "Everyone always said I was broken, that I couldn't be fixed, but Harry believes in me. He loves me. Once he is in charge, you'll all see." Her eyes looked wild, and the power inside her was building, barely under control.

Rhys held up a hand, trying to diffuse the situation. "You said you brought a message," he said, keeping his voice calm. "What does this Master person want with us?"

Lucy stilled for a moment, as if trying to remember something, and the fire in her eyes died down as she began to speak. "In two weeks, he will be elected Prime Minister. He has made it so. On the morning that he takes office, the Aderyn will have a choice; join him or die." She smiled, proud of herself for getting it right.

Rhys crossed his arms and looked down at her. "And he would have us lay down our arms, give up our freedom, and follow him blindly into chaos rather then fight?" he asked her.

"He realizes the value of our people," Lucy replied with a smile. "By joining him, we can rule over this planet as we always should have, making the humans our servants, and only he will be the true Master." As she spoke, Jack and the Doctor, who had made their way to the edge of the dais, made their presence known.

"And why should they believe him?" asked the Doctor. "The Master did not stay and fight as Talfryn and Gallifrey fell. He ran. Now there are only two Time Lords left in the entire universe. He should be working with the Aderyn to help them, not coercing them into being his puppets and bringing this planet under his thumb."

Lucy turned an evil smile his way. "You must be the Doctor," she said, licking her lips. "He's told me about you. I've seen your TARDIS. All in pain and torn asunder to make the universe a prettier place."

The Doctor flinched and she tilted her head to regard him. "I wonder what it must be like, to feel that in your head, all that pain and all that time all at once. Should I help stop the pain for you?"

She raised her hand to throw a fireball at him, but found herself and Hart trapped inside an energy field instead. Frustrated, she started banging her hands against the walls and throwing fire at them, desperate to break free. When she found it was no use, she fell down to her knees and started to sob.

Hart came forward and put a hand to her shoulder trying to still her, only to flinch back as she singed his fingers and pushed herself to her feet.

The Doctor looked to Ianto, and saw that his hand was extended, holding the field in place. He nodded to him and moved to the front of the dais below Rhys. Jack stood beside him and saw Hart's eyes widen in recognition before gesturing to his wrist strap and pulling something from it. Jack’s eyes narrowed, watching his movements for any sign of counter attack. Hart shook his head and placed whatever he had removed on the ground beside him, pointing to it and giving his former partner the drop signal. Jack nodded his understanding, hoping that no one else had seen the exchange.

Rhys had had about enough of the situation, and was ready to end it.

"Tell your Master-Saxon that the Aderyn will not be joining him," he said. "Earth is our home. Our families and friends will join us in protecting her from whatever harm he brings our way. You may have one of the affinity stones, but it will not be enough to stop us. Please consider what you are doing Lucy. We are your family, your people. We can help you fight him."

Lucy suddenly looked lost and unsure, and turned her unnerving gaze to the Doctor. "I made my choice. I am his faithful companion until the end. No one can change that now." She held his gaze a moment longer before backing up to place her hand on Hart's arm above his wrist strap. Resuming her human guise, she touched her hair to make certain that it was still in place. "Take us back," she said to Hart, before facing Rhys.

"Release them," Rhys said, and Ianto complied. Lucy glared at Ianto before looking back to Rhys.

"I will give your answer to my husband, though I cannot say that he will be happy to hear it," she said, her voice and stance once more calm and self assured. "I look forward to the day that you bow before him and realize that he is your Master after all." She smiled at him one last time before Hart activated the wrist strap and they disappeared.

As soon as they were gone, Jack rushed forward and picked up the item Hart had left behind. It was a digi-chip, a 51st century storage device. The Doctor was quickly by his side.

"He left that on purpose, then?" he asked Jack, eyeing the small chip in his hand. Jack nodded and pocketed it for the moment, as Rhys addressed the crowd.

"My people, I fear that dark times lie ahead. I cannot say what is to come, or what this rogue Time Lord has planned for our home, but I promise you to do everything within my power to stop him. I will not rest until all of you are safe," He scanned the crowd a moment and seeking out the Doctor’s gaze, he continued. "No matter what may happen, know this, we will not let anyone take our freedom from us without a fight." A cheer ran through the crowd.

"Now then. This is supposed to be a party," Rhys said with a smile. "Even though darkness may challenge us, our spirits cannot and will not be broken!" Applause filled the room and the band began to play an upbeat tune.
As the guests began to mingle, Rhys made his way over to the Doctor and Jack, followed by Ianto.

"Let's give them tonight, but come morning, we need to go over everything you get off whatever that Hart fella dropped," he said, looking pointedly at Jack. "I'm not going to let some bloody fire harpy ruin what may be our last celebration for quite a while." he looked over to where Gwen was standing with Tosh and Owen.

"Make the most of it boys, for tomorrow the fun begins," He winked at Jack and, squeezing Ianto's shoulder, moved across the room.

"We really need to analyze that as soon as possible," said the Doctor. Jack looked past him to Ianto.

"It can wait, Doc. I have a feeling Rhys will want to see it the same time we do," he replied.

The Doctor was about to protest, when he noticed the look that passed between the two men. Feeling a little out of place, he quickly made his exit. "I'll just go see what Martha is up to, shall I?" he said glancing at them both before departing. Neither of them noticed.

"I like the sword," said Jack, still staring at Ianto.

"The uniform isn't half bad either," Ianto replied, looking Jack up and down.

Jack licked his lips, his eyes never leaving Ianto's. "Do you want to get out of here?" he asked.

Ianto smirked at him, and then sighed. "Wouldn't be very responsible of me would it? Need to make appearances and all that."

Jack reached out and took Ianto's hand in his own. "How long do you have to stay?"

"He doesn't," said Rhiannon, who, unnoticed by either of them, had walked up to stand beside them. They jumped apart, and she rolled her eyes. "If you two don't get out of here and make good on what may be your last chance before everything goes to hell, I am personally going to freeze both of your manly bits and refuse to thaw you out." Ianto's mouth dropped open in horror, and Jack chuckled. Rhiannon smirked.

"Oh go on, you two, get out of here. Johnny, the kids, and I are all staying here tonight, so you have the cottage to yourselves until morning. I am going to put up the strongest mental shields I have, so I fully expect you two to have a right proper night of it. Now get, before I change my mind!"

Jack grinned, and Ianto leaned over to kiss her cheek.

"You heard the lady," said Jack, holding his hand out to Ianto. "Shall we?"

Ianto smiled back at him and took Jack’s hand into his own, pulling him up the stairs to the third floor balcony. Once they reached it, Ianto pulled him through the doors and placed his arms around Jack’s waist.

"Fancy flying home?" Ianto asked, eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

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