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Codename: Victory - 1a/?

Title: Codename: Victory
Rating: PG-13 (for now)

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Rhiannon, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, The Doctor (10th), Torchwood One Team, Others
Spoilers: Starts beginning of TW season 1 and DW season 3

Summary: Ianto Jones has been searching for information about who he is his entire life. Canary Wharf gave him some answers and a whole new set of questions.
Disclaimer:  BBC drew them, I just like to color outside their lines.

A/N: No Beta - If you are interested let me know. First time for this fandom, but have written for others. Comments are appreciated. This story started as a result of looking through a travel guide to Wales and a certain picture of Cardiff that will be posted later on to give the title a lot more meaning.

Codename: Victory

Part 1a

The wind off the bay was unseasonably warm as it stroked its way over his back and through his feathers to the tips of his wings. Wings. Ianto shook his head as he banked left to follow the Torchwood SUV towards Bute Park. Even with all that had happened, the simple fact that he was now gliding over Cardiff tracking an SUV from the air with a pair of wings no less, still seemed more than a little surreal. As the buildings thinned out, he descended slightly, mindful of staying high enough that the streetlights didn’t betray his presence. Seeing that the SUV had stopped at the south side of the park near the river, he hovered for a moment, pulling the rift monitor that he still had from T1 from his pocket. Taking a glance at the readings he scanned for any insight into what Harkness was looking for. The appearance of a couple of bull weevils from the nearby trees left little doubt as to what had drawn him there.

Quickly scanning the area in search of a safe place to land, both away from the weevils and out of Harkness’s sightline, he saw a small clearing about 50 yards away and shot himself towards it, hoping that the rush of wind in his wake wouldn’t draw any attention. Landing softly, Ianto stood for a moment and clenched his fists at his sides, gathering his energy back inside himself and willing his wings into hiding. He felt the pulse carry through his body and vibrate through the trees around him as he recentered himself into his human form. Taking a deep breath he glanced down at himself and realized that he was dressed for drinking at the pub. Not exactly how he planned on meeting his perspective new boss. He hesitated a moment, debating on waiting to do this sometime later and more properly attired, maybe in a suit? The sound of someone howling in pain stilled his mind and his need to protect took over. Grabbing a large branch off the ground, he started forward through the trees.


‘Just what I need another late night dance with a horny bull weevil,’ thought Jack as he was thrown against a tree for the second time. Shaking his jaw to reset it he counted his blessings; at least it was only one of them as the second had run off not long after his arrival. Struggling to keep the sharp teeth from his face he put his boot against the tree and used the momentum to push the weevil back.

“Look ugly, I know you ran your buddy off so that we could have some quality alone time, but I have to tell you, even a open-minded guy like me draws the line at claws and sewer breath,” Jack panted as he threw the weevil to the ground. “I can’t have you scaring the natives, and I don’t feel the need to pull anymore splinters out of my ass so stay down dammit.”

As Jack reached for the can of sedation spray in his pocket, the weevil lunged at him, knocking him to the ground and this time getting close enough to bite his neck, causing Jack to howl in pain. The weight of the thing made it hard to move and his hands scrambled blindly, trying desperately to find the spray as the weevil continued it's assault. Not liking the potential alternative of waking up from blood loss and finding himself being munched on or worse by a weevil, he gave a small cheer of victory as the edge of the can brushed his fingers. He almost had it when he heard a loud *thud* against the weevil’s back. Jack frowned in confusion as the weevil roared off of him to face the new adversary.

Freed, Jack grabbed the bottle and staggered to his feet to thank whoever had helped him. His eyes went wide as he took in the decidedly hot young man struggling with the weevil as it attempted to throw him against the same tree Jack had smacked against earlier.

Seeing an opening, Jack rushed the beast, knocking him to the ground and punching him several times before spraying, sedating, and concealing it’s face from view. He glanced over and saw the man toss a tree branch to his side and lean against the tree to catch his breath; a small trickle of blood showing on his temple. Wearing a form fitting dark jacket, studded belt, and deliciously tight jeans, this guy would normally be exactly Jack’s type of distraction, but the timing was definitely off.

As the man looked up from where he was watching the now bagged weevil, Jack finally gets a good look at his face. Transfixed, Jack suddenly found himself lost in the gaze of a pair of the bluest eyes he has ever seen. There is a quiet nervousness about him, almost as if he isn’t sure if he should speak or run, but there was also a spark of something Jack hasn’t seen in a long time, an almost ancient presence that hovered in those eyes for a moment, but then disappeared so quickly that Jack was almost sure he imagined it.

“Thanks,” said the man with a Welsh lilt and Jack cursed himself once again that he had to meet him while weevil dancing.  Business Jack, he cautioned himself, you need to know who this guy is before anything else and the sedative isn’t going to last long.

“No, thank you,” He replied standing up and putting on the charm. “And you are?”

The man stepped away from the tree and looked Jack up and down before meeting his eyes once more, coming to a decision.

“Jones, Ianto Jones,” he stated, staring at him like Jack should know the name. Jack paused for a moment, there are a lot of Joneses in Wales, but he didn’t remember this one. He’s sure he hadn’t seen him before, and yet….he’d have to have Tosh run a search when he got back and see why his name sounded so familiar. Until then he needed to keep him talking, see if he was a threat and then get the weevil the hell out of there before he started asking too many questions.

“Nice to meet you, Jones, Ianto Jones.” Jack said shaking hands with him. “Captain Jack Harkness."

He noticed that Jones deflated a little when Jack didn’t recognize his name and decided to let it go for now as Jones was looking back at the weevil again and Jack was starting to realize that this is not some stray jogger out for a late night stroll.

“Lucky escape,” Jones said, his head gesturing towards the weevil. Jack stared back at him and tried to steer the conversation away from their wrestling partner on the ground.

“I had it under control,” he replied. Jones was curious, this is not good.

“You think so?” Jones retorted with a smirk looking up from the weevil and towards Jack. “It looked pretty vicious. You're, um...” He reached towards him as if to check his collar and Jack backed off quickly knowing he needed to end this conversation fast. “You were bleeding,” Jones finished with a look of skepticism that made Jack instantly wary. His hand twitched towards the retcon bottle in his pocket, wondering if once again he is going to have to ‘deal’ with someone who had seen too much.

“Had worse from shaving,” he quickly replied, hoping to deflect any further questions. Jones held his gaze for a beat before looking down for a moment and turning his attention back to the weevil on the ground.

“Looked like a Weevil to me,” he responded with his hands on hips. And just like that Jack decided that he needed to end this conversation now, and find out exactly who Ianto Jones was. He stared at him for a moment, judging how much of a threat Jones might actually be, and scanning the terrain to ensure that he had come alone. Certain that it was just the two of them, he decided to grab the weevil and get out of there before Jones asked anything else.

“I've no idea what you're talking about,” Jack replied face closed and eyes blazing. Jones looked up and stared at him again, his eyes looking too old for his young face once more. Jack stared back at him and decided it was time to go. “I'll take him from here,” he said bending down to grab the weevil and throw it over his shoulders.

“Thanks for the assistance,” he added in dismissal hoping that Jones will take the hint. For a moment, he thought that Jones was going to stop him, but instead he just stood aside and said “Anytime,” before letting him pass. Jack sauntered down the hill back to the SUV, trying desperately not to look back or run. He’d almost made it when he heard a decidedly smug voice call out to him.

“By the way.” Jack paused briefly to hear what he is going to say. “Love the coat.” Jack smiled to himself and shook his head, knowing that as soon as he made it back to the base Toshiko had a new research project: Ianto Jones.

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