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Codename: Victory - 1b/?

Title: Codename: Victory
Author: moonfirefic 
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Characters: Ianto, Jack, Rhiannon, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, The Doctor (10th), Torchwood One Team, Others
Spoilers: Starts beginning of TW season 1 and DW season 3
Summary: Ianto Jones has been searching for information about who he is his entire life. Canary Wharf gave him some answers and a whole new set of questions.
Disclaimer:  BBC drew them, I just like to color outside their lines.
A/N: No Beta - If you are interested let me know. First time for this fandom, but have written for others. Comments are appreciated. This story started as a result of looking through a travel guide to Wales and a certain picture of Cardiff that will be posted later on to give the title a lot more meaning.
Short as lj doesn't like big posts and this was supposed to be all Part 1.


Ianto cursed under his breath making his way back to the clearing. “Way to go Jones,” he muttered to himself. “You finally meet the man, gorgeous by the way, you're dressed like a rent boy on the pull, and he doesn’t even remember you or give you the time of day.”

Probably just as well, he decided. If he doesn’t remember him, then it made the decision to stay away from Torchwood that much easier. Unless of course, they decided to research his file and bring him in. Ianto stopped cold. He’d only been back a few weeks, and he didn’t need them looking into his past or taking a closer look at Rhia or her kids. They had enough to deal with already and he didn’t want to make it any worse.

When he had finally made it home from his trip to the past, he headed straight to his sister’s only to be met with a resounding slap from Rhiannon, followed by tears and a bone crushing hug. It turned out that they had both been affected at the same time and she was as changed as he was. Since it had only been two weeks for her, she was struggling to keep herself and her abilities under control. Ianto knew that he had to get her out of Newport and give her time to deal with what had happened.  Making apologies to her husband, Johnny, (how she had hid this from him, he had no idea), and leaving under the premise of a vacation, he had taken her and her children home to Llandeilo, and the cottage they grew up in near the River Tywi. After a few days rest and the reassurance that she could once again reach out to her brother when she needed him, Rhia seemed better and began enjoying a small reprieve from estate life while she sorted things out. The kids seemed to be taking things in stride. David had decided that they were all secret superheroes now, and little Mica with her large brown eyes smiled more as if learning who they really were was confirmation of something she already knew.

Thinking back over the stories his mother had told them as children, he wondered not for the first time, what she would say if she saw them now.

Since their mother had passed away, Ianto and Rhia had been on their own with only her stories to guide them. Pulling them close, wrapping them up snug and warm in her azure wings, she spun stories of the guardians who protected their planet Talfryn, and of  how a brave group of Aderyn had travelled across the galaxy to Sol 3/Earth in an attempt to save their race from extinction. She spoke of the great time war and how Talfryn had become a staging ground to protect Arcadia from the Daleks. Time Lords and Aderyn fought side by side, seeking to protect both planets, only to see Arcadia and later Talfryn fall to ash. The survivors had first settled not far from present day
Llandeilo, and then scattered across the globe seeking to rebuild their race hidden amongst humankind. They used their gifts and talents to help others, protecting their new home and making it their own. Only the markings on their backs gave any indication of who they really were. Ianto and Rhiannon had never doubted that they were special growing up, even if they had to hide it from others. Rhia once asked her if she would have wings like Momma, and mother had laughed and told her when you’re older. An offhand comment she had once made that when Aderyn reached adulthood, that the 'promise of the markings they were born with are fulfilled in a blaze of light' was the only clue either of them had of what was to come. Later when Rhiannon was 14 and Ianto 12, she had died in a car crash, leaving them with a very human and very overwhelmed step-father, who had no idea what to do with two children who were much more than human. He had closed up the cottage and moved the little family to Newport, never looking back.

Now that they were back home, Ianto finally realized what the cottage really was. It was his mother's legacy to them; a safe house, a sanctuary, where he and his family could be themselves without worrying about the outside world.

When the golden light at Canary Wharf engulfed him, Ianto was certain that it must be the start of the change his mother had mentioned. His entire body seemed to pulse with energy and his mind felt like it was being torn apart and put back together with a blender. He barely had time to release a mental scream of anguish before his world went black. Waking up with a blinding headache, and finding himself in Iron Age Wales did little to ease the confusion. Discovering that the elders of his people had pulled him through time to train him, and he could not go back until they deemed him ready, made it even more frustrating.

He had known Rhia must freaking out. She had always been better at sending feelings rather than words over their bond, but when he first regained consciousness and tried to contact her, all he got was static and a sense of panic. For the first time in years, he felt lost and alone without being able to reach her with his mind. Elder Tarkin had assured him that it would come back as soon as they were in the same time stream, but that did little to ease the ongoing sense of wrongness at not being able to reach her.

Ianto soon understood that he would be so busy learning to understand who and what he was now, that there would be little time to dwell on what he had lost. He spent the next several years training and strengthening his abilities until they became second nature to him. The battlefields of Wales became his proving ground, and before he knew it the horrors of Canary Wharf became a distant second to fighting alongside Caractacus against an onslaught of Roman centurions. 100 years passed in the blink of and eye, and he had reached warrior status among his people. He was given his true Aderyn name, and finally allowed to begin the journey home. To ensure that he didn't tire or get lost in the time stream, they warned him to only jump 300 years at a time at first and rest in between until he felt centered enough to jump again. Learning to harness this ability was easier said than done, and despite a few mishaps, (landing onstage in the middle of the premiere of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for one), he had managed to make it back virtually unscathed.

But what to do with all he had learned? The Elders had told him they expected him to take up the mantle of guardian for their adopted home and that the few of them that remained in his time would willingly take up arms alongside him. But how? It wasn’t like he could just walk up to the UN and announce their presence. He’d be locked up and experimented on by Torchwood, Unit, or worse yet, the military. Even worse they would come after his family. The children were too young, but after seeing the horrors of what Torchwood One had unleashed at Canary Wharf, he was sure that they would be seen as assets and turned into weapons or worse when their powers fully manifested. No. He would not, could not, let that happen. Better to stay behind the scenes, helping from the shadows and being ready for when a true threat came. Part of him had thought that Torchwood Three might be the answer, but after tonight he wasn’t so sure.

Just as he had made it to the clearing, the PDA in his pocket beeped. He took it out to find that tracer he had put on his T1 employee file had been activated. Harkness hadn’t wasted any time then. He wondered if he remembered him now. Slipping it back into his jacket, he ran back over their conversation. It hadn’t been a total loss. He had his interest now, maybe if he showed up tomorrow morning with some of his trademark coffee and a little more professional attire it might work out to his advantage. He smiled to himself at the thought of catching the enigmatic man off guard for a second time.

Raising his arms above his head he changed back to the Aderyn he was. Lowering his arms and wrapping his wings around himself, he cleared his mind of captains and coffee and concentrated on the cottage in Llandeilo and getting back to Rhia and the kids. A golden light pulsed out from the center of his being and surrounded him and in a flash he was gone.



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